Collective Harmony

Collective Harmony

Inspired by our AW21 collection, In Harmony, we reached out to like-minded local brands that rest in harmony with Mi Piaci to partner with us to create Collective Harmony: Mi Piaci, Mina, Syrene Skincare & Monarc Jewellery.

Our mutual desire to empower and indulge women by doing what we love connects us. Through footwear, clothing, jewellery and skincare, our unique expressions complement each other in women’s lifestyles. With decades of honed expertise,  Collective Harmony  is a strong community of likeminded women, championing one another to continue challenging preconceptions.  

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Contemporary in attitude and approach, we’re proud to be a female-driven venture grounded by refined aesthetics and finely honed expertise from decades in the footwear industry. We prioritise and celebrate our design-led approach by searching for the best materials to bring inspiring footwear to globally-minded New Zealand women. Mi Piaci arose from a shared desire to empower women and embrace the freedom of expression. For over 18 years we are still doing what we love - creating footwear for women by women. Our range is predominantly designed by our small in-house team in Auckland, New Zealand. We endeavour to surround ourselves with empowering women and brands that inspire us to continue challenging preconceived notions.

Mina launched off the back of a trip to India in 2017, shortly after Natalie graduated from Massey in Wellington with a fashion degree. With a real compassion for people, we wanted the brand to support and celebrate our local production here in New Zealand.

As a Mother/Daughter duo, we have an ‘ageless’ approach to design and we love how this has forged a very authentic and inclusive community of women. We design for the way modern women live and work, balancing feminine and contemporary with soft tailoring and clean lines.
With a ‘buy less but buy well’ approach to how we design and do business, we see natural renewable fabrics paired with understated silhouettes key to a lifetime wardrobe, not just a seasonal one.

Monarc is a consciously-minded jewellery brand, which does not compromise its ethics for style, using recycled precious metals and aboveground diamonds to create timeless, classic keepsakes.

I was living in Italy in my early 20s and during that time, I studied in Florence at the Gemological Institute of America. This armed me with a strong basis of jewellery knowledge, but my real industry education began through my experience at a global production company. The responsibility of co-designing and managing a number of European accounts for a jewellery manufacturing house taught me how to make seasonal jewellery collections, and working with a global clientele schooled me on a range of cultures and aesthetics.

In 2017 I founded Monarc Jewellery & Concierge. My driving aim was to present intelligent design and premium materials, with a focus on bespoke service. Sustainability & ethical practice is at the core of Monarc’s operations and brand decisions. I believe that every decision I make for Monarc should be rooted in good intention, from the design to choosing intelligent/carefully procured/considered materials, right along the whole production process, so those wearing Monarc can feel good about the jewellery that becomes a part of their lives.

Established in 2016 and proudly made in New Zealand, Syrene has been led by a team of women who understand skincare. Our products are set out to use ingredients found both in the sea and in nature, known for their gentleness and restorative care properties. Syrene has been developed with the modern woman in mind, who live a busy life, like us, who need reminders to find moments to relax, be mindful and look after her skin using effective, quality products. Combining active ingredients from the sea that beautifully melts into the skin, offering rich marine nutrients to nourish, hydrate and soothe. Suffused with natural and pure extracts that embody the gentle purity of the New Zealand Pacific Ocean.


With love from, Collective Harmony

Thank you for supporting local, female-driven brands.