Meet Miha

Collections - April 20

To celebrate Earth Day, we are excited to highlight one of our sustainably made styles designed by our team in Auckland. Billions of plastic bottles end up in landfill every year and to help fight this we have invested in a solution to save and upcycle some bottles with a traceable and transparent fibre called Repreve.

Our newest design Miha features this beautifully light-weight, certified fabric made from 100% recycled materials including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste.

To create the Repreve fibres, recycled plastic bottles are sorted, washed and chopped into flakes. The clean flakes are melted and turned into recycled chips which enters an extrusion and texturing process to transform the chips into Repreve fibres.

Repreve also helps to offset the use of petroleum in manufacture, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the process.

Miha slip on $140.00

Miha slip on $140.00

Miha slip on $140.00

Designed for the good of tomorrow, we've taken our first steps towards a sustainable future.

Join our journey to reduce our footprint.