Q&A with Zeenat Wilkinson

At Mi Piaci, we draw inspiration from empowering women we have deep admiration for. It is a pleasure to partner with Zeenat Wilkinson; mother, creative and founder of Sauce Magazine. We sat down with Zeenat to discuss all things kindred, her greatest achievement, motherhood and more.

Zeenat Wilkinson on Kindred

What does Kindred mean to you?
Z: A feeling of belonging and celebrating the power of unity within our community even in a divided world. Community is so important now more than ever, especially when the present is overwhelming and future uncertain.

Where do you go to for daily inspiration?
Z: Inwards. My daily inspiration comes from little quiet moments, tuning-in inwards and listen to my intuition. These moments normally pop up when I am in the shower, cooking a meal or walking my dog. I get my best ideas in the shower. There is something about being in the water?!

What’s the most empowering part about being a woman for you?
Z:The ability to have empathy, emotional strength and intelligence at the same time. It’s such a fine balance and this is why women also make amazing leaders.

What does confidence mean to you?
Z:True confidence is being able to be vulnerable and asking for help when you need it. It’s about showing up for yourself with honesty and integrity.

Zeenat Wilkinson on Kindred

What’s your greatest achievement?
Z: Keeping a business going is hard and percolating, but my biggest achievement has been in being able to separate these identities and work on my relationship with myself. This realisation is an important milestone for me. BUT work-life aside, my greatest achievement (EVER) would have to be giving birth to my baby. Nothing can ever beat that.

What does achievement mean to you?
Z: It’s more of an emotional milestone rather than tangible assets/things/objects. I am not driven by “things” which is probably a blessing and a curse in some way.

Who/What inspired you to start your own digital magazine?
Z: I wanted to create a digital space that helped change but also challenges the beauty and fashion experience. Deconstruct it, but still keep it very sophisticated.

How has motherhood grown or changed you?
Z: I have a deep found love and respect for my body. Pre-birth I never had a positive relationship with my body and would always put myself down over little bumps and scars. I’ve now learned that this body isn’t just a vessel that carried me, but also carried another living being. Motherhood has made me accept myself unconditionally and opened up a new deep appreciation for my body that has been through so much! A woman’s body is the most amazing thing on earth. It’s actual magic. An omnipotent source of all manifest existence.

What do you find to be the most rewarding part about being a mother?
Z: Personally, having a baby, I experienced both physical and mental trauma. The first few weeks, I was completely broken. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wondering how I will be able to look after baby in this state. But we were in it together, getting our strength up and learning to get to know each other. The biggest high is seeing her reaction when she sees my face. Even during my broken period, I felt a mountain and an ocean of joy just holding her. I’ve never felt love like this ever before.