Q&A with Twice Blessed

At Mi Piaci, we draw inspiration from the empowering women we have deep admiration for. It is a pleasure to partner with Bec & Marissa; the Melbourne based identical twins behind the influential fashion and styling blog, Twice Blessed. We sat down with Bec & Marissa to discuss all things kindred, confidence and how the duo support each other.

What does Kindred mean to you?
B&M: To us, it reinforces strong values of closeness, compassion and empathy. To be kindred is to be linked by the creator of our souls; to be linked in unity and as one body, with many unique parts.

What’s the most empowering part about being a woman for you?
B&M: To know our worth. The goal-posts for 'female empowerment' constantly change, but knowing that our inherent worth and value goes beyond all human goal-posts or expectations gives us a greater sense of boldness and confidence.

What does confidence mean to you?
B&M: Being bold, whether that is in your personality, fashion sense or faith. Confidence means having authority, humility and grace.

How do you support one another at work?
B&M: We’re a team. We always have been and always will be. Whenever one of us is feeling down, or deflated, we always aim to encourage and lift one another up. Each of our strengths, are the other’s weaknesses, so we’re lucky to be designed as the perfect team.

What’s your favourite characteristic of each other?
B:I love how passionate Marissa is, and she’s an amazing critical thinker (and level headed).
M: And, I love how strong-willed and confident Bec is at all times; she leads with her heart and her strong levels of discernment.

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