Mi Piaci x Benjamin Alexander Lookbook

Collections - August 19


Here at Mi Piaci, we’ve been working away behind the scenes on a beautiful project over the last few months, and cannot be more excited to launch our collaboration with designer, and winner of Project Runway New Zealand - Benjamin Alexander.  With a sneak peek of the 5-piece capsule collection at Benjamin Alexander’s debut NZ Fashion Week show, the full range will be available in selected stores and online from Wednesday 28th August.  


With a strong alignment between the two brands aesthetically, the collaboration came to fruition organically over coffee and shared visions. Designed in-house, we sat down with Benjamin Alexander, and Mi Piaci Designer, Sarah Street to discuss the inspiration behind the luxe collection.


Working with luxe fabrics and rich colours for a unique range, the custom designs complement both Benjamin Alexander’s signature collection, and Mi Piaci’s iconic feature heel look and feel.


  1. How did the collab initially come to fruition? 

Sarah Street (Mi Piaci): When Ben initially approached us to discuss a collaboration we jumped at the chance. We have used Ben's pieces in a few of our campaigns and they have always been so stunningly beautiful so I knew from the start that this collection would be nothing short of dreamy. I also really admire his brand and his passion so was very excited to work together.

Benjamin Alexander: It came about really organically. I was thinking about the shoes for the show and asked the Mi Piaci Marketing Manager for a coffee to discuss the possibility of working on something together. It’s been amazing how seamless and straightforward the process has been.



  1. What appealed to you about working with Benjamin Alexander?

SS: The Benjamin Alexander aesthetic naturally aligns with the Mi Piaci aesthetic, so it was a very easy decision for us to make. Ben has a great vision for his brand and is doing some incredible things right now, so we were excited to be a part of his journey. Ben is a very calm, kind and genuine person too, so it was a very enjoyable experience working alongside him. 

BA: Mi Piaci is such an iconic, heritage New Zealand brand that really resonates with both who I am and what Benjamin Alexander represents. Collaborations are really important to me as I feel they really inform the story of both parties and allow for deeper connections within the industry and community. 



  1. If you could only pick one, what is your favourite style and colour way in the collection? 

SS: I LOVE the Abbey Sandal in white, the square toe is trending in a huge way right now and only set to continue its rise. I love the 90s aesthetic the simple vamp sandal design gives, and the sort of nonchalance you feel when you wear such an easy slide like this.

BA: It honestly changes every day, but I would say over all it’s the Abbey Satin heels.