Mi Piaci Women: At Home With Sarah Q&A

Interviews - April 20

Our talented Lead Footwear Designer and Brand Aesthetics Lead, Sarah, took over our Instagram stories to answer your questions about her role, share the best advice she's been given and offers some ideas on balancing work and motherhood. We've transcribed the conversation for your journal-reading pleasure.


Social media accounts that inspire you?
S: So many beautiful women and accounts that I follow for daily inspiration, some of the many include: @cupro_ @c_l_o @rupikaur_ @_hiedra_ @christianespangsberg @cleowade @fashion.wonderer

How did you start your career / get into the industry?
S: I got into footwear design in an organic and indirect way. I was doing product design at the time and we were working on retail store concepts for a footwear retailer and the managing director approached me and asked if I had ever considered a role in footwear design. I wasn't really enjoying what I was doing at the time and so I took a leap of faith and totally switched careers. I'm so grateful to the company for believing in me because they taught me everything I know about footwear and my foundation skillset. It ignited a passion in me for a career that I have never regretted once. From there I moved to London for three years working with some international brands before moving home and joining the Mi Piaci team.  

Favourite shoe this season?
S: My first boot purchase of the season has been Maude because I love the Louis heel and chiselled square toe, the mid-rise shaft is really trending right now so I love that about the style too. I have my eye on a lot more boots after lockdown too! My next picks are Maize in White patent and Saxton in black.

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Where do you draw inspiration from, for your designs?
S: I think from a multitude of places. It could be a great book, a beautiful film or piece of art, a conversation with a friend or mentor. The trick is creating a filter for the oversaturation of content and information that we consume each day, from social media, from trend forecasting websites, and adapting all that information and inspiration into a collection that will resonate with the Mi Piaci woman.

Best piece of advice you've been given?
S: I think it would be to always remember to list the things you're grateful for each day, and to celebrate them. And take time for yourself, each day if you can, to do something that feeds your soul. Whether that's reading a book, going for a walk, or creating something beautiful.

How do you balance time between work and motherhood?
S: Being a working mother is definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It comes with many challenges especially during the times we’re living through right now. I applaud all families, parents, caregivers, especially single parents/caregivers who are trying to juggle work, care, homeschooling and just general entertainment along with cooking and cleaning. It's certainly challenging at the moment especially. I think for me becoming a mother really gave me the perspective in life that I needed. I’m naturally a really career focussed woman and when my son Vinnie came along it really shifted my mental and emotional mindset and I think I really needed that. It’s given me a fresh perspective on how I view the world. The absolute best thing about being a mother is starting the day and ending the day with my son. I can't imagine anything else. And I can't wait for number two!

What is coming up in the range?
S: Stretch boots have been a focus for us, as well as the mid-rise leg shaft. We have a beautiful small collection featuring NZ sourced sheepskin coming soon which I'm very excited about and proud of, I'm particularly excited about our Benson slip on although she's extremely limited edition! I also love our sustainable sneaker, Miha and can't wait to explore that area more for our brand.

From the Mi Piaci team, we hope you're keeping safe and looking after yourself. See you next time!

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