Mi Piaci Women: At Home With Chenae Q&A

Interviews - April 20

Our talented Digital Marketing Manager, Chenae, took over our Instagram stories to answer your questions, share her home rituals and offer some tips for increased mindfulness. We've transcribed the conversation for your journal-reading pleasure.

Alex - Content Producer

First thing you did this morning?
C: Tea comes first, always. This morning I made a calming tea before starting my morning yoga.

How did you start your career? Could you explain a day in the life of your role?
C: So a normal day for me is working with my absolute dream team to bring you our social media content, our emails, keep our website updated, blog posts and I manage the e-commerce function. How I got started in my career was through my studies. I studied a Bachelor of Business at AUT where I did a double major in Marketing and Management. After I graduated I worked in the marketing industry for a while before I fell in love with the digital world. Now I’m at Mi Piaci and I’ve been here for almost 3 years now.

Favourite shoe this season?
C: So many to choose from! But at the moment it’s Damien, the best everyday winter boot and definitely coming in handy for supermarket runs at the moment.

Damien ankle boot $260.00

Tips for mental health during this time?
C: Mindfulness is something that is so close to my heart but in times like these it feels especially important. I'm really lucky to live near a beach so I've been going for lots of walks and other things I've been doing include my morning yoga practice, I've been drinking so much tea and I make sure I have some escape for my mind, at the moment that’s reading! And sometimes you just have a bad day and that’s totally fine too. I've just been making sure to recognise when I need that.

Book recommendations?
C: I’ve loved reading during lockdown! Currently, I’m reading Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Share with me what you guys are reading at the moment!

BTS Alex On SHoot

What's your go-to comfort dish in isolation?
C: Pasta always!

What's your favourite quote to live by?
C: Be kind, always.

What is your end of day/nightime routine to destress?
C: I probably take this way too seriously but I try to end my day really peacefully, normally this is my routine:

1. Dim lit or candle lit long hot shower

2. Light all of the candles in my room

3. Make a cup of tea

4. Curl up with whatever book I’m reading

5. Sleep early

From the Mi Piaci team, we hope you're keeping safe and looking after yourself. See you next time!