Mi Piaci Women: Mandy Duncan

Interviews - October 18

It’s no secret Mandy Duncan has an affinity with athleisure. Whether she’s pairing her favourite sneakers with a floral dress or is out and about in her activewear, Mandy’s wardrobe is the epitome of sports luxe. We sat down with Mandy to ask her what she loves most about athleisure:


How do you incorporate athleisure into your everyday outfits?

I honestly believe athleisure has become such a massive staple in everyone’s wardrobe because you literally can wear it with anything – whether it be a cool, sporty bomber jacket with a pretty floral dress or some awesome sneakers with a tailored suit. If you feel great in it – it will look great. Incorporating athleisure into everyday life is a pretty simple task these days.


What do you love most about the athleisure trend and the move towards sport luxe footwear and apparel as everyday wear?

The fact that we can still dress up and look fab and be comfortable. Although I love the look of heels, comfort totally outweighs that in my current situation.


With two children and a third on the way, plus running your own business and having a busy social life, how do you achieve balance?

Haha, what is this balance you speak of?! No, in all seriousness I put it down to being an early riser and getting my housework done before school drop off. Something so simple sets me up for the day whether its jam packed with meetings and just your everyday mum life or it’s just a day at home in my PJs, answering emails. I always feel like I’m way more organised when my jobs around the house are done first thing.


What is your favourite style from the Mi for Me athleisure collection?

I’ve been living in my Tonya sneakers. They are so comfy and just such a staple in my wardrobe right now.


Where would you most like to wear your Mi for Me shoes (anywhere in the world!) and why?

Anywhere that the sun is shining right now – my bod is craving some vitamin D like you wouldn’t believe!