Benjamin Alexander x Mi Piaci | The Process

Collections - August 19

Designed entirely in-house between our Mi Piaci designers and Benjamin Alexander, the creative process was effortless, and felt just as ethereal as the initial vision. Understanding that the collaboration needed to be real, honest and represent both brands unequivocally, Benjamin’s dream of satin and an all-white shoe developed into a beautifully cohesive 5-piece collection.

Working closely together to design the first sketches, cutting beautiful leathers and rich satins to fit patterns, through to the intricate crafting of the final product in our own factory – we documented each step of the way to share our journey with you.

Watch below as we take you behind the scenes to explore the creative process, and experience the designs coming to life through our incredible artisans.

1. Talk me through the creative process – from ideation through to the final product?

Sarah Street (Mi Piaci): The whole process was very collaborative and easy. We began with an initial brainstorm session, where we discussed Ben’s aesthetic for his new collection, along with some key features and designs he wanted to focus on. I felt like I understood Ben’s vision for the collaboration straight away, so from there it was very easy to work together and develop the designs. We then selected a colour palette that complemented both the Benjamin Alexander Collection as well as Mi Piaci’s. We made first samples and spent time refining the styles to create the perfect capsule collection that suited both brands’ aesthetic. Honestly, it was such a smooth process I couldn’t have asked for a better brand to collaborate with.

Benjamin Alexander: What I love is how things develop on their own through communication and understanding. The collaboration came about organically and the same for the creative process. Mi Piaci has been able to develop my initial thoughts into a reality without fault and I believe that is a testament to how amazing and dedicated the team is.

2. What has been your favourite moment during the process?

Sarah Street (Mi Piaci): Honestly, this process has been incredibly rewarding and so easy, and I have loved every moment of it. Nothing has been difficult; Ben has been so incredibly wonderful to work with. We also have a brilliant team of artisans at our factory who worked tirelessly to make sure the samples and the production were executed beautifully, and I am so proud of everyone who has been involved in this project.

Benjamin Alexander: I would say my favourite moment was seeing the final samples from the collection sitting on the table with their boxes and bags. The collection is exactly what I had in my head from the first meeting. I’m so honoured that Mi Piaci believed in my vision and has allowed me to work on this collaboration. It’s unbelievably exciting that for my debut show and collection, I will be presenting a collection of shoes alongside the clothing.


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