We're in a 90s Mood

The Trend Report - September 19

The 90s are calling. With nostalgic trends cropping up across the runway and street style over the past few seasons, it is fair to say we have hit peak ‘90s. So why are we still so obsessed with the decade?

From the comeback of loose fitting denim, silky silhouettes and thin straps, to the resurgence in hair accessories, the 90s was a defining moment in fashion - seemingly resonating now more than ever.

A decade overflowing with endless potential and epitomised by iconic moments - it's hard to forget. With a 2019 twist, the juxtaposition of strength and femininity encapsulates the inspiration behind our 90s Mood collection this season.

From power dressing and statement heels, to delicate barely there straps, we’ve curated our favourite trends from the ‘90s that are sure to become contemporary classics.

Revisit the defining decade and experience a touch of nostalgia with the looks we come back to again and again. From ‘90s heroines such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford to fashion powerhouses such as Versace - it’s easy to see why we are in a 90’s mood.

Explore our 90s Mood collection in-store and online now.